Year Six Visited the Infants

Last week, Year 6 visited the Infants to share our Haiku poetry. We split into groups, introduced ourselves and read our Antarctica poems. They really enjoyed the poems and it was great to talk to them about writing and their favourite things. We even told them what they had to look forward to when they get to the Junior School. They asked so many questions about our poems and everything else!

Zach and Amelia (6C)


Yellow, Pink, Orange,                                   Penguins black and white,

The colours of the sunset,                          Dolphins blue like sapphire,

Glistened in the sea.                                     Polar bears fluffy.



Sliding through the day,                               Through the freezing months,

Diving like a torpedo,                                     In the deserted ocean,

Away from its foes.                                         There is no motion.