Year 5 Visit the Portrait Gallery

Kai’s Dad Says…

The year five trip to the National Portrait Gallery was a great day out. The children were greeted by Julie, a guide with 25 years of experience at the National Gallery.

They began in the Tudor Portrait room, where they learned how painters convey the wealth and power of the Tudors.

The children were attentive and engaging as they shared what they have learned about the Tudors. They knew far more than the parents!

We learned that Dame Laura Knight’s self portrait with nude painting broke ground for women artists. Power and Empowerment were the themes as the tour ended with an exhibit of the suffragette movement.

After a chilly outdoor lunch, the children returned to the gallery with their adult leaders to see more of the gallery.

Our group decided to draw the David Hockney self  portrait – his print hangs at Moss Hall.

During the ride home a tired out Miss Harle, Mr Thomas and Mrs Rashid were treated affectionately by the class.

They clearly like their teachers, and that was nice to see.