Year 5 at the Science Museum

Y5 at The Science Museum

At the Science museum, we had a brilliant time. Firstly, we walked into the building and put our coats in a locker. We then walked up 3 staircases (150 steps) and put our lunches in another locker, while we went into the MIGHTY WONDERLAB. Our favourite science experience was the friction slides- the fastest one was the wooden one, then the plastic then the grass. After that we went and watched a show called LIVE WIRE, which was about electricity. At the end we all dances to an electric disco light.

Before we all explore the rest of the museum, we had lunch. After lunch, we has had 45 minutes to go to anywhere in the museum with our group. Our group really wanted to walk over the glass bridge that was hanging over the whole museum. For the last 10 min we went to the shop and looked around. After that we got our coats and headed of back to school.

By Aron and Luke L 5P

Thank you!

All students who attended were excellently behaved and all had a thoroughly brilliant time. All the teaching staff that attended are very appreciative of all the parent volunteers who accompanied both classes.