Parent Governors

Matt Berger : Vice Chair, Chair of Finance, Resources and Premises

Matt Berger

Vice Chair, Chair of Finance, Resources and Premises

  • Parent governor since 2015
  • Committee: Teaching, Learning and Pupil Welfare and Finance Resources and Premises
  • Link year group: 5
  • Link subject: Languages and Computing

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 91%

"I have a son, Toby in now at Secondary school and a daughter, Alice in Yr 3. I have always been keen to take as active a role in their schooling as possible either by serving as a class rep or helping out in the classroom and am excited to be able to carry that on as a school governor. Outside of school, I coach at a local running club. Professionally I am a Chartered Surveyor so have a good understanding both of premises issues and of finance and have set up 2 successful businesses over the last 12 years. I strongly believe that one of the greatest functions of a school – and one fulfilled excellently at Moss Hall – is to help children find their own interests and strengths in a wider scope than simply a traditional curriculum. I'm passionate about helping children learn broad life skills, including sport and other confidence-building activities, alongside a strong core education. I believe that being in London allows our children a wealth of opportunities and experiences not always afforded young people elsewhere in the country which mustn’t be passed up."

Debbie Robel :

Debbie Robel

  • Parent governor since 2015
  • Committee: Personnel and Pay
  • Link year group: 6
  • Link subject: English & Library

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 100%

"Hi my name is Debbie Robel and I am mum to 2 children- Tom now at Secondary school and Jules in Year 5.
My children have attended Moss Hall since nursery and during this time I have represented their classes every year as a class rep and have been active in supporting the MHSA.My background is in publishing, where I worked for many years as an Editorial Manager, gaining many skills. I'm also a qualified Teacher of English as a Second Language and have taught here and abroad.I believe passionately that education is a partnership between parents and schools and that positive contributions from parents make for outstanding schools. I am relishing the opportunity to support staff and families in our community."

Joel Phillips :

Joel Phillips

  • Parent governor since November 2016
  • Committee: TBC
  • Link year group: 3
  • Link subject: TBC

My son Arthur is in Year 3 and my daughter has just started YR at the Infant school. The Moss Hall schools are a diverse and, despite their large size, nurturing community. I am delighted to have the opportunity to help sustain that as a governor. Our kids benefit from happy and motivated teachers. I want staff to continue to feel like they have the support and space they need to respond to the abilities and individual potential of every child. I'm also keen to help the school find ways to communicate with parents as effectively as possible without being burdensome.

I work in the City as a quantitive researcher. Before this, I worked at University College, London as a researcher and lecturer in Maths. At weekends I coach an under 8s football team - which is just as challenging as all the Maths!

Naheed Tapya :

Naheed Tapya

  • Parent Governor Since 2017
  • Committees:
  • Link Year Group:
  • Link Subject:

Attendance at meetings 2017 - 2018:

"I have a son in Year 3 who started at the nursery and a younger son who will start this year.

As well as being a mother, I work part-time as a management consultant helping companies to effectively manage change.
I love the diversity of our school and the effort that is made to bring learning to life.  From my experience and through talking to other parents I feel communication and collaboration between parents and staff could be improved. I would like to focus on this as well as using my skills to support the school wherever I can.
I am committed to ensuring our children have the most positive experience possible at school and that they are given the opportunity to succeed and realise their potential."

Hannah Paul :

Hannah Paul


I have two children at Moss Hall, one at the junior school in Year 4, and one at the infant school in Year 1. 

As a primary school teacher, I have taught at a school in inner London, as well as at Moss Hall Infant School. At Moss Hall Infants I was the Year Group Leader for Year 2, Maths subject leader and a member of the leadership team.

Prior to training as a teacher, I worked as a GP Practice Manager and also at an educational charity, School Councils UK. My degree in Psychology informed my work at School Councils UK and also my interest in prioritising children’s well-being, in and beyond the classroom. I strongly believe that developing an environment that fosters emotional wellbeing lays essential foundations that will help all children to engage fully in school life. 

I very much look forward to my role as a parent governor and feel excited to support  Moss Hall Juniors to be the best it can be for all our children at this important time.