Co-opted Governors

Kim Politzer : Vice Chair of Governors

Kim Politzer

Vice Chair of Governors

  • Governor since 2006, first as a parent governor and then as a co-opted governor
  • Chair of the Governing Body 2011-2018
  • Committees: All
  • Link year group: 5
  • Link subjects: Health & Safety and SEN

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 93%

"My name is Kim Politzer and I am the Chair of Governors. I have two daughters, Eleanor and Hannah (now at University and Sixth Form), who both attended Moss Hall all the way through from the Nursery to Y6. They both enjoyed their time at Moss Hall and it has been a privilege to be involved in the governing body, supporting the Head and the Senior Management Team in making sure that all our children get the best possible start in their education.

I have served on the Governing Body since 2007, originally as a parent governor, and now as a co-opted governor, which means I have been elected by the Governing Body. As well as being the chair of governors I sit on all the governing body’s committees.

Most governors also have specific links, both to year groups and subjects. We come into School termly to speak to the relevant Co-ordinator and sit in on a class, as an observer, to find out what the children are learning. In the past, I have had responsibility for literacy, and now have responsibility for SEN.

Away from school, I am a research director in the real estate division of a fund management company, and as a researcher, I love to explore and learn new things all the time. My hope is that children at Moss Hall gain a love of learning that will be with them for their whole lifetime.

I am sure that I speak for the Governing Body as a whole when I say that we want to do everything in our power to make sure that the children at Moss Hall Junior School have a positive experience, receive the very best education and are well prepared for their lifelong learning journey."

Karen Hand : Chair of Teaching, Learning & Pupil Welfare

Karen Hand

Chair of Teaching, Learning & Pupil Welfare

  • Co-opted governor since 2015
  • Deputy Headteacher and a Science teacher at The Compton School
  • Committee: Teaching, Learning and Pupil Welfare and Personnel & Pay
  • Link year group: 5
  • Link subject: Science

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 70%

"Hello everyone, my name is Karen Hand and I am delighted to be a member of the Moss Hall Junior School Governing Body.

I have been teaching at The Compton School for the last 10 years and whilst I am a very keen scientist and love sharing my passion for Chemistry with students, I have also held a number of pastoral roles.

One highlight of my role has involved overseeing the transition of Year 6 students to our school. This involves visiting primary schools to meet the students and gather information from class teachers.

With the ever-increasing number of Moss Hall students choosing to come to The Compton School, joining the governing body to further develop the strong links between our schools seemed like an excellent opportunity. I am looking forward to working with your all."

Saul Gerrard :

Saul Gerrard

  • Co-opted governor since 2013
  • Chartered Surveyor and local resident
  • Committee: Finance, Resources and Premises
  • Link year group: 5
  • Link subject: PE and swimming

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 75%

Matt Berger : Chai of Governors, Chair of Finance, Resources and Premises

Matt Berger

Chai of Governors, Chair of Finance, Resources and Premises

  • Chair of governors since 2019
  • Parent governor since 2015
  • Committee: Teaching, Learning and Pupil Welfare and Finance Resources and Premises
  • Link year group: 5
  • Link subject: Languages and Computing

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 91%

"I have a son, Toby in now at Secondary school and a daughter, Alice in Yr 3. I have always been keen to take as active a role in their schooling as possible either by serving as a class rep or helping out in the classroom and am excited to be able to carry that on as a school governor. Outside of school, I coach at a local running club. Professionally I am a Chartered Surveyor so have a good understanding both of premises issues and of finance and have set up 2 successful businesses over the last 12 years. I strongly believe that one of the greatest functions of a school – and one fulfilled excellently at Moss Hall – is to help children find their own interests and strengths in a wider scope than simply a traditional curriculum. I'm passionate about helping children learn broad life skills, including sport and other confidence-building activities, alongside a strong core education. I believe that being in London allows our children a wealth of opportunities and experiences not always afforded young people elsewhere in the country which mustn’t be passed up."

Debbie Robel :

Debbie Robel

  • Parent governor since 2015
  • Co-opted governor since 2019
  • Committee: Personnel and Pay
  • Link year group: 6
  • Link subject: English & Library

Attendance at Meetings 2015-16: 100%

"Hi my name is Debbie Robel and I am mum to 2 children- Tom now at Secondary school and Jules in Year 5.
My children have attended Moss Hall since nursery and during this time I have represented their classes every year as a class rep and have been active in supporting the MHSA.My background is in publishing, where I worked for many years as an Editorial Manager, gaining many skills. I'm also a qualified Teacher of English as a Second Language and have taught here and abroad.I believe passionately that education is a partnership between parents and schools and that positive contributions from parents make for outstanding schools. I am relishing the opportunity to support staff and families in our community."

Adam McDonnell :

Adam McDonnell


  • Co-opted governor since September 2018
  • SENDCo at The Compton School - teacher of maths and English
  • Committee: Teaching and learning
  • Link subject: SEND
    Hello everyone, my name is Adam McDonnell and I am pleased to be a member of the Moss Hall Governing body and look forward to working as part of the team.
    I have worked at The Compton school for the last 7 years both in the role as SEND teacher, teaching both English and maths and have been the SENDCo for the last 4 years. In addition to this, I have recently been made a Specialist Leader in Education and advise other schools across the borough of Barnet in how to successfully support students with SEND and ensure they achieve positive outcomes.
    I am heavily involved in the transition of primary school students into The Compton School, working closely with the families of those students with SEND. With a large proportion of students from Moss Hall attending The Compton School, becoming part of the governing body to build links between both schools was central to my decision and I look forward to working with everyone at the school.