Becoming A Governor

Parents will be notified if there is a Parent Governor vacancy and information about how to apply will be sent out to all parents. The existing governors will be happy to talk to you if you are thinking about applying. An election, if necessary, then takes place with one vote for each parent/carer.

School visits and governor training

In addition to attending meetings, we all commit to making regular visits to the school to meet with staff, children and the leadership team.

Visits to the school help us to become familiar with what goes on, see policies in action and gather evidence of the outcomes of our decision-making. Working parties are sometimes set up to consider a specific its in depth.

On Summer 2016 we held our first Governor Day – where we spent a whole day in school meeting staff and children – please see our 5th Newsletter for more details. This will now be a regular fixture in our annual calendar.

Each governor also has a link year group and a subject area, details of which are shown below.

Regular attendance at training sessions, usually run by the Borough, help us to improve our knowledge of the latest issues, and to meet governors from other schools in order to share best practice. In 2015/16 we plan to meet with governors from the Junior Schools Partnership to share ideas and good practice.