Nutty About Norfolk

Norfolk was an amazing adventure. My favourite memory was exploring the Nature Reserve and I remember feeling really happy about being able to see animal’s habitats and what they have to do to live. Another great memory was one of my friends feeling really excited and all of us laughing! Vaidehi 5G

 My favourite bit in Norfolk was when we took the boat trip across Hickling Broad! Sava 5G

 We enjoyed doing beach art and dyke dipping (where we found a diving beetle, which is very rare!). Also, we saw a Marsh Harrier. Rena & Caroline 5R

 I loved going on the Bean’s Boat trip when we got to see seals. They were so cute! YeLim 5H

 My favourite part was the boat trip through the reeds, which was at Hickling Broad Nature Reserve. Dylan P 5H

 When we went on the beach we all had the best time playing football with the teachers. Taya 5P

 I liked going on the bat at Hickling because I overcame my fear of boating and saw some really beautiful birds. Eddie 5P

 My favourite part of Norfolk was the boat ride to see the seals and to have seen the adorable seals sunbathing. Meyhir 5P