Knapp House

Assault Course
We all had a blast struggling to hold on our excitement as well as our ropes and barrels. It made my day when we were all watching Miss Walker be a pro at all the stations. As we swung like monkeys on the ropes. Skye

Pedal Karting
In pedal karting we had an amazing time racing around the track cheering for our team and seeing the teachers race. We started off just doing a practice race 4 times around the track it was a simple track just a circle and then we started the proper race. After that, the track changed and they made it harder for us. We also had a practice but only 1 go. At the end all the teachers raced including: Miss Walker, Miss Douglas, Mr Shaw and Mrs Johnson who was the winner. Paige

The surfing at Knapp House was very enjoyable. Although it wasn’t the easiest activity it was the most interesting of them all because we had to climb onto the surfboard and start paddling to catch the waves we wanted to ride. I found surfing very difficult but I kept on trying until I could almost try to stand up. Jamie

Ringo Ride
The Ringo Riding was one of the best activities. It took  about 10 minutes to arrive. We waited by the beach for the boat to come. It took 3 go’s to get both groups across. When we got there we got into pairs. There were 3 different speeds on the first go. There was slow, medium and fast. On the second go there were three different speeds. Slow, Medium and Super Red Hot Chili Pepper Turbo. Everyone chose super Red Hot Chili Pepper turbo and it was really difficult to hold on. Luca M

Knapp House Disco
On Thursday in Knapp House, in the evening, we had a disco, in the social club.
Me, Abigail and Shreya were dancing, we all made up our own dance moves and Shreya made the most weirdest dance moves.

There were lots of different songs from Moves Like Jagger to The Macarena. In other words they played really old songs and new ones. It was really fun and we really want to do it again. Cheyanne