The health and well-being of all pupils is at the heart of Moss Hall. This is why we have implemented PSHE as a subject within our curriculum. Over the course of an academic year, the students will cover topics to do with:
1. Health and wellbeing
– Physical
– Sex and Relationships
2. Relationships
– Social
– Emotional
3. Living in the wider world
– Economic wellbeing
– Being a responsible citizen

The children will engage in discussions which are relevant to the issues surrounding their development. They will also participate in a range of group activities which encourage them to think about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. The intention is that the curriculum links to other subject areas so children are able to apply their developing knowledge and understanding of themselves and others in a range of context to become independent and positive contributors in a range of contexts.

P4C at Moss Hall Junior School
Are dreams real? What is a true friend? Can you change your fate? These are the kind of philosophical questions that can lead to rich and exciting discussions. At Moss Hall Juniors we provide many opportunities for children to think more deeply. Weekly philosophy club, topic inquiries and a cross-curricular approach means that our staff and children ask great questions and enjoy debating the many sides of an argument.