NASA Astronaut Answers Out of This World Questions

Steve Bowen, a Nasa astronaut of 18 years and uncle to Amelia in year 4, kindly offered to be interviewed by Moss Hall children. After much discussion, it was decided that a video would be more reliable than a live stream and each class provided their best question. Highlights for the children included; how astronauts sleep upright in sleeping bags tied to the wall, where they get their water from and what Steve Bowen misses most about space when he is on Earth.

Red Nose Day Cake Sale – Auction

Mrs De Sordi has made a fabulous cake for us to auction for Red Nose Day!

If you want to bid on the cake, please call the School Office on 020 8445 7965 and let us know the maximum you are willing to pay for this amazing cake!

Bidding will close promptly at 2:30pm and we will notify the winner by 2:45pm so you can arrange to come and collect!



Sing Up Day!


Knapp House

Assault Course
We all had a blast struggling to hold on our excitement as well as our ropes and barrels. It made my day when we were all watching Miss Walker be a pro at all the stations. As we swung like monkeys on the ropes. Skye

Pedal Karting
In pedal karting we had an amazing time racing around the track cheering for our team and seeing the teachers race. We started off just doing a practice race 4 times around the track it was a simple track just a circle and then we started the proper race. After that, the track changed and they made it harder for us. We also had a practice but only 1 go. At the end all the teachers raced including: Miss Walker, Miss Douglas, Mr Shaw and Mrs Johnson who was the winner. Paige

The surfing at Knapp House was very enjoyable. Although it wasn’t the easiest activity it was the most interesting of them all because we had to climb onto the surfboard and start paddling to catch the waves we wanted to ride. I found surfing very difficult but I kept on trying until I could almost try to stand up. Jamie

Ringo Ride
The Ringo Riding was one of the best activities. It took  about 10 minutes to arrive. We waited by the beach for the boat to come. It took 3 go’s to get both groups across. When we got there we got into pairs. There were 3 different speeds on the first go. There was slow, medium and fast. On the second go there were three different speeds. Slow, Medium and Super Red Hot Chili Pepper Turbo. Everyone chose super Red Hot Chili Pepper turbo and it was really difficult to hold on. Luca M

Knapp House Disco
On Thursday in Knapp House, in the evening, we had a disco, in the social club.
Me, Abigail and Shreya were dancing, we all made up our own dance moves and Shreya made the most weirdest dance moves.

There were lots of different songs from Moves Like Jagger to The Macarena. In other words they played really old songs and new ones. It was really fun and we really want to do it again. Cheyanne

Well Done MHJ!

Dear Mrs Flinn,

I am always a proud member of the Moss Hall community but never more so than yesterday afternoon. I felt I needed to write and let you know how impressed I was with the way our children conducted themselves on their unexpected journey back to school following their successes at the Copthall Athletics event.

Despite the heat and a long day of competition our children kept their sense of humour and displayed all the values we hold dear.

On a cramped bus Moss Hall children were polite and sensible and sensitive to the other passengers, so much so that we were complimented by members of the public for being a “fantastic school”.

Thank you also to our parents/carers for being so understanding and for their kind offers of help, it really was most appreciated.

Well done Moss Hall!

Debbie Robel (Proud Parent Governor)

Farewell and Thank You!

Miss Dhesi gets married very soon and is moving to live in Cambridgeshire with her new husband. Congratulations!

Mr Freer is leaving us to be a full time dad. Good luck with all of those nappies Mr Freer!

Mrs Sahathevan is going to be an infant teacher in Central London. What a change! All the Best!

Mrs Conneely is taking up a new post at a school in Herts. Enjoy your shorter commute!

We shall introduce our new staff members to you all very soon.

3P at the British Museum

On Thursday morning we got into our groups at school, then we all set off to catch the train to Tottenham Court Road. When we got off the train, we all walked together through London to the British Museum. First, we had to drop off all of our bags in the cloakroom, after that we went to see the ancient Egyptian artefacts. In the gallery we saw colossal Egyptian stone statues of Pharaohs. There was also a giant stone fist. It looked really heavy. We explored      the ancient Egyptian gallery for a while, seeing so many amazing things until it was time to go to the​ theatre for a special talk. ​

The museum expert told us all about what life was like for people in Ancient Egypt. After the talk we had a break for lunch, next we got to explore and see anything else in the museum. I went with my group to see the mummies, they were all covered in linen. We were amazed to see that some of the mummies were not completely wrapped up. It was shrivelled up and its legs were so thin. We saw that it had a hole in its tummy. Darcy thought that that may have been where they took the organs out. It was then time to head back to school. We had a fantastic trip at the British Museum. Sofia 3P