3P at the British Museum

On Thursday morning we got into our groups at school, then we all set off to catch the train to Tottenham Court Road. When we got off the train, we all walked together through London to the British Museum. First, we had to drop off all of our bags in the cloakroom, after that we went to see the ancient Egyptian artefacts. In the gallery we saw colossal Egyptian stone statues of Pharaohs. There was also a giant stone fist. It looked really heavy. We explored      the ancient Egyptian gallery for a while, seeing so many amazing things until it was time to go to the​ theatre for a special talk. ​

The museum expert told us all about what life was like for people in Ancient Egypt. After the talk we had a break for lunch, next we got to explore and see anything else in the museum. I went with my group to see the mummies, they were all covered in linen. We were amazed to see that some of the mummies were not completely wrapped up. It was shrivelled up and its legs were so thin. We saw that it had a hole in its tummy. Darcy thought that that may have been where they took the organs out. It was then time to head back to school. We had a fantastic trip at the British Museum. Sofia 3P